Global CEO Survey: 81% of CEOs see "substantial opportunities" in sustainability

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    Nice body of research across 1200 global CEOs asking about how they feel about things and challenges faced by their companies. They've been doing this survey since 1991, so some good insights and trends there.

    Two big, interesting numbers/statements jumped out at me:

    Page 1: 81% believe Sustainability is a major opportunity.
    "We believe substantial opportunities exist to improve both sustainability and profitability"
    81% of CEOs agreed with this statement and only 5% disagreed. It was #1 overall trend of all topics

    Page 7: 60% of companies are willing to minimize waste/become more sustainable EVEN IF IT RAISES COSTS.
    "Meanwhile, more companies see investments in environmental sustainability as supportive of future growth. Six in 10 companies said they will invest in sustainability initiatives even if it raises their costs—an increase of about 16 percentage points since we first asked the question in 2008. Many companies started their sustainability initiatives with win-win efforts that can save money while also demonstrating an environmental awareness to customers who increasingly look for such a commitment. More and more hotels, for example, are asking their guests if they would like their linens cleaned every day. The real test will come when customers push companies to expand sustainability efforts beyond those that save money to those that cost money."

    It's an interesting read overall, but I think some of the trends about sustainability and waste minimization are undeniable.

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