Interesting article on cardboard theft

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Has your facility encountered theft of scrap materials?

  1. Yes, it has been a serious concern

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  2. Yes, but I think we have good systems in place to prevent

  3. Yes, but it seems to be isolated

  4. No, but we're keeping an eye out

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  5. Not really a concern for us

  1. Andy

    Andy Administrator Waste Min Publisher 2013 Industrial Waste Survey Participant

    Of all places, this was in The Atlantic, but I thought it was an interesting read and something to keep in mind.

    We tend to think of copper and metal scrap theft and keeping tabs on those supplies, but here comes cardboard theft:

    "Inside the Surprisingly Lucrative World of Cardboard Theft"

    Think of it this way... if it's worth someone stealing, there is value there worth capturing!
  2. Deb Lopez

    Deb Lopez Contributor Founding Member 2013 Industrial Waste Survey Participant

    We have a scrap trailer that sits at one of our shipping socks at all times. Not only cardboard but gaylords of different paper waste and plastics and metals and everything that gets recycled goes right onto that trailer as soon asthe gaylord is full. Once a week the recycling company comes and swaps out the trailer. Unless someone steals the whole trailer, they can't access any of our materials! And that hasn't happened (yet). We have had other things that weren't scrap stolen and probably sold for scrap, like wood pallets and the heavy metal picnic tables and benches that we used to have in an outdoor break area. We chained the ones that were left down.