On-demand box creation to reduce fulfillment cost and waste

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    Have been looking at a technology called Packsize, and we're looking at testing/viability... thought I'd share.

    The basic concept: The machine is located in pick pack area, and cuts boxes exactly and automatically to fit the volume of the pick-pack order items, on demand (either via a simple data pass, barcode gun, or laser measurement). So, in essence going from a handful standard of boxes to an infinite number of box sizes (without having to stock boxes). Machine can also auto glue, etc.


    Stats (and these are based on some pretty savvy fulfillers like REI, Staples:
    • Average 35% overall cost reduction
    • 20-40% reduction in corrugate use
    • 60% reduction in void fill usage
    • Freight reductions due to smaller volume boxes
    • 8-12 seconds to make a box
    • $1/year machine lease, $9000 covers full install, 2-4 year contract to purchase corrugate from them
    • 99.8% uptime
    • They manufacture the machines, and it is their patent
    • Staples is launching to all fulfillment centers; REI, IKEA, etc already using for 100% of fulfillment
    Looks like a pretty interesting tech... I'm curious to get hands on with it.
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