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  1. RexB

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    Will there be a category created on things like fluorescent bulbs, ballasts, batteries, etc.? Something that not only touches on recycling or disposal but things that you're supposed to be doing from a regulatory standpoint?
  2. Andy

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    We could absolutely do that, Rex... actually, we just did some research on Universal waste last week that we'll also be making some infographics on. It's been very interesting to see the wastes (universal, HAZ and standard) and seeing what people are currently doing with them.

    Are you looking for insights on storage, labelling, reporting? I'm thinking maybe a pictorial guide/infographic showing each waste and what the area/reporting/labelling should look like?
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  3. RexB

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    I'm interesting in all of it, Andy. Your idea on the pictorial guide/infographic is great. I'm fairly solid on labeling but having a resource like you mention will help me immensely in making sure our remote locations have a visual and constant reminder of the requirement. My disadvantage is not being able to be everywhere at once and wondering whether things are always as they should be (or at least close enough).