Compressed Gas Cylinders

Discussion in 'Composite Waste Best Practices' started by Jeremy W., Oct 29, 2013.

  1. Jeremy W.

    Jeremy W. Contributor Founding Member 2013 Industrial Waste Survey Participant

    I have 2 expired and partially filled calibration gas cylinders that I need to dispose of. Does anyone know how to properly get rid of these?
  2. Andy

    Andy Administrator Waste Min Publisher 2013 Industrial Waste Survey Participant

    Hey Jeremy, asked our friends at AARCHER Institute your question, and here's what they came back with:

    Best option: Contact gas supplier(s), as they will often take back cylinders with contents for free. That is the preferred route, for environmental, safety, and other reasons.

    Second option: If this is a gas that can be vented (e.g., an inert gas), they can be opened, vented, valves removed, and treated as scrap metal.

    Third option: If can’t be legally vented and the cylinders are considered a waste, it would need to be handled as a hazardous waste because it would exhibit a “reactive” hazardous waste characteristic (by virtue of being under pressure) and maybe other hazard classes.