Cost analysis of changing over to aqueous parts washers

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  1. Andy

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    Has anyone done a cost analysis of changing over from solvent to aqueous parts washers, and would you tell us a little bit about what you found?

    I've seen that the Navy has done a few pretty good studies, but for some reason does not show the cost of equipment in the findings... and did not account for lease fees. And I'm not a huge fan of going purely on manufacturer cost cases.

    If there is enough interest, perhaps we could pull together some testing and offer an independent look at performance and cost analysis (maybe a cost calculator where users could also play with the numbers/inputs)?
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  2. Ellen A

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    I find that it is not the actual cost of the parts washers, or the solvents, driving the change, as much as it is regulatory issues. One less hazmat to report to FD, one less hazwaste to dispose of, and here in NoCal, achieves compliance with air quality regs.