Don't trash office furniture: charities will pick it up, and you'll get the tax deduction

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    Prevent scenes from this like happening at your facility

    Charities love office furniture, and there are a plenty of small businesses looking for inexpensive furnishings.
    Not everyone is aware that some of the major national charities, such as Goodwill , will GLADLY accept donations of office furniture and supplies, and will even arrange to pick up your used office furniture from your location.

    From the charity's standpoint, office furniture is an easy item to sell quickly and in volume, and it's fairly high value for them (compared to, say, a used suitcase or t-shirt)

    The best source for assessing Fair Market Value of donated goods? The very charity you are donating to.
    Tax deductions for those donations of used office furniture can be based on the IRS definition of "Fair Market Value", and, conveniently, you can get that fair market value directly from Goodwill or the charity you are donating to. They have plenty of experience selling used goods, and they can help you determine fair market value of your donation for the purpose of tax deduction.

    Those charities deal in selling "comparable properties" (such as used office chairs) all the time, so they are a great and reliable source for fair market values.

    Informative piece from the Houston Chronicle on FMV:

    Seeing good furniture go to waste is a shame... and your employees and the public notice.
    That image at the top of the page actually came from a Letter to the Editor sent to The Citizen newspaper in Georgia. The writer was walking his dog, and saw a government-funded rec building trashing the furniture, and he sent the letter. You can read it here:—-see-yourself
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