Experiences with plastic resin brokers and recyclers?

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    It seems like there is a lot of marketing out there from plastic brokers about "best rates" by "connecting you with the best possible use from thousands of purchasers." All seem to be extremely guarded about sharing resin spot prices, and many of the sites seem like they are a little bit "fly by night." I don't expect a resin broker to have some incredible website or marketing, but what I have seen doesn't really inspire someone to pick up the phone and call.

    For those I have called to get information, the conversation pretty much ends when they ask, "What is the resin and how much do you have?" and I explain that I don't have resin at the moment and that I would like to get a feel for what the brokering process looks like. That is pretty much it. Compare this is waste to energy brokers and other recyclers, who are willing to share the entire process and how it works, pricing, etc.

    The success stories you tend to hear around recycling plastics which were were thought to be "dead-enders" on the way to a landfill seem to have a common thread: "We've got a really good plastic recycling guy who came in and..." The stories usually go that the recycler visits and does some investigating and research, and plastics which the plant were paying to landfill are now a source of revenue.

    For those with experience with resin brokers: how has it gone, any good/bad experiences, anything to be learned? Did they tell you where the operation/site where your resin was actually being shipped to back up the "best possible use/highest possible price" claim? Every bit of information helps.
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