Great plant walkthrough checklist to identify areas for energy savings

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    A great resource for identifying opportunities to increase energy efficiency created by Christopher Milan, PE, CEM at the Bonneville Power Administration and Joseph Junker of Oregon State University.

    It not only has all of the things to look for during your walkthrough, but it has great "rules of thumb", charts, and guides right there in the walkthrough guide to give you an idea of what you could save. It covers all of the big topics, such as lighting... but it also gets into some great tips that you might not think about. This is no "fluff" piece.

    For example: Are you using large, whole plant compressors during off hours to maintain minimum line pressures for dry fire suppression? You might want to install a smaller, off-hours compressor just for that purpose so that you are not running a huge compressor continuously at low load.

    Probably one of the most simple, but effective, plant walkthrough guides I've seen to help get a feel for energy opportunities throughout the plant.

    I dropped Mr. Milan and Mr. Junker a note, and hopefully we can get them in the Forum to tell us a little bit more about what they're seeing.

    The "Guidebook for Performing Walk-through Energy Audits of Industrial Facilities" is attached at the bottom of this post, and I thumbnailed a few screenshots below (click to expand)/
    screenshot 2.png screenshot 3.png screenshot 4.png plant walkthrough energy efficiency checklist.png

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