Mainstreaming Corporate Sustainability by Suzanne Farver

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    Great book overall, not at all a tedious or dull read. Farver's book is ultimately a hybrid between a college textbook and a "normal" book, which is especially useful to those newer to the field. This book obviously has a goal to teach, inform and engage, as opposed to opting to take a laser focus and flexing the author's depth knowledge in one obscure area or another. (That textbook/hybrid feel is for a reason: MCR is actually used as one of the core readings in the Sustainability program at Harvard)

    For example, because of its hybrid nature, it does a really solid job of funneling the reader in the right direction and toward the right resources, either in text or organizations. Many professional topic books out there will refer to a concept or a measure vaguely... Mainstreaming Corporate Sustainability uses APA citations throughout the text, and isn't afraid to point you to directly to the original information to do more learning. Many books in the waste min and sustainability space seem to be a bit more "egotistical" at times... and rarely refer to other books and original sources. MCS is NOT one of those books... it is truly a "knowledge hub" that will cause you to load a few more books onto your wish list.

    It is what I would consider an "in-depth primer." What I mean by that is that it has a lot of practical thinking to help get a sustainability program started and helpful resources along the way. Works GREAT in combination with The Sustainability Handbook by William R. Blackburn, as that book is encyclopedic... and a good 3-4 inches thick. Not a quick read. MCS is the shorter read, but will point you to the specific appropriate sections in the Blackburn book to read more. (I'll review the Blackburn book here when I get a chance).

    Highly Recommended... and will get a lot of highlighting and dog-earing from many.

    Available for about $18 at Amazon:

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    I just snagged a copy. My kids like to joke that to relax over the holidays, while others catch up on missed sleep, I catch up on missed business books. So this is on my holiday reading list.

    But this was disappointing:
    Your search "Mainstreaming Corporate Sustainability" did not match any products in: Kindle Store
    Would have been nice have a non-paper, no-need-to-ship version available.