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    After some effort, we have a fully-functioning, robust waste inventory and minimization savings calculator! The fully functional Beta calculator is attached at the bottom of this post for download (Excel), along with one that is partially filled with sample data ("WITH SAMPLE DATA...xlsx")

    As we were testing this with real test data, it took earlier "thumbnail" waste min/recycling program savings calculations from $26,000 to $107,000 because it was able to accurately calculate rental fees and dumpster fills based on EPA-standard waste densities. Unless you're dumpstering something very heavy like concrete or baled cardboard, chances are you're filling dumpsters by volume long before you hit maximum weight.

    Having accurate savings numbers is essential to getting buy-in and budget for a new waste min program, and we wanted to create the first full-functioned program to help you do just that. Even for existing waste min programs, you might see savings you weren't previously calculating (which was our case).

    Here's a quick 5 step summary of how to use the tool:

    Here's the video tutorial and walkthrough (12 minutes, doubleclick for full screen)

    Key features:

    * Tells you how much each line item of your waste costs to dispose, how much you can save by recycling, and payback periods for equipment
    * Universal waste unit conversions (you tell it any waste generated in any unit, and measured over any time period... "lbs per shift," "gallons per day," "tons per year," etc)
    * Pre-populated with EPA-accepted densities of nearly 100 common industrial wastes, from baled cardboard to stacked pallets to scrap aluminum, so you don't have to measure lbs/cu ft. Just select the waste from the list and it does everything for you.
    * "Smart Fill" automatically calculates if containers/dumpsters will be filled first by weight or volume, in order to accurately calculate costing per waste (we've seen this function alone account for +300% in calculated savings)
    * Calculates generation rate per waste, per production hour based on your actual working days and shifts
    * Calculates prorated waste fills, pull costs and rental fees, per waste
    * Automatic one-page financial summary for management
    * Calculates how much you can save by source reduction for a waste compared to source reduction + recycling
    * Based in Excel for easy use, adaptation, and expansion of features

    If you have feedback, questions or features you'd like to see, please reply to this post or email me at upload_2013-12-18_12-24-11.png

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