Your toughest plastic waste problem?

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    Tell us about your toughest industrial plastic waste right now... think about your largest problem, one which you need a lead on, or that problem which has just been hanging around with no end in sight.

    One of our problems:
    Our plant used to have a problem with mixed-color extruder screw purges... the process combined two plastic colors within the extrusion screw and die, so there was really no way to regrind and reuse in plant. On top of that, the purges were usually large, about 2' tall and 16" base... so even if you wanted to regrind, they were a small boulder of plastic.

    Our solution:
    We ended up selling purges, as is, for between $20-50 each. How? Our plant also happened to have a gift shop for the public, and we found that people thought purges looked like modern art, and would snap them up every time we had a color change. So that was definitely a win-win. It's not a common case, but you've got to play the cards you're dealt as best you can.

    The point: Who knows what the solution might be... but maybe someone has already solved it, or at least there is something to learn or try in your facility.
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    Our toughest plastic problem in our plant is that our recycling company does not pay us for it. They do take the shavings away by the 55 gallon full, but we don't make any money on it. Does anyone know of a place in Daytona Beach, Florida that would pay for our plastics?